Orodje za dostopnost

The Counselling-Therapeutic and Education Centre provides education programmes in the field of treatment of children/adolescents with various forms of behavioural and emotional disorders and personality disorders.

Education programmes for the broader lay and professional public are performed at three levels:


  • Handbooks for working with children with severe behavioural and emotional disorders
  • Leaflets, newsletters, publications
  • An online newspaper covering information on mental health of children/adolescents, initiatives, workshops
  • Promotion for facilitating access to home assistance (mobile service)
  • Round tables with international participation of panellists, experts in the field of mental health problems of children/adolescents with a focus on personality disorders
  • Recommendations for the media



  • Lectures and workshops for parents; professional support and assistance to parents in difficult educational situations
  • Education programmes for young people with various behavioural and emotional disorders (problems)
  • Programmes for families where parents or family members have difficulty in interacting with one another
  • Programmes to reduce and eliminate the stigma of children/adolescents with behavioural and emotional disorders



  • Lectures and workshops for experts of different profiles. We also organize counselling for pedagogical workers in specific problems where we also develop professional programmes of assistance together with them.
  • We are a support institution to help other educational institutions where children are engaged with severe emotional and behavioural disorders or personality disorders.
  • Lectures and workshops for professionals who encounter, at their work, children/adolescents with behavioural and emotional disorders and personality disorders.
  • We organize lectures and workshops for students of all interested faculties
  • and for interested professional public
  • We present the STEPPS programme which is intended for children/adolescents with a borderline personality disorder. The STEPS program is a 20-week program of psychotherapy, which was originally designed to work with adult population, but the expert group of the Planina Professional Centre adapted the programme, with the permission of the authors of the programme, to children/adolescents and children with mild mental illness.

Preventive awareness programmes on juvenile violence as a result of undetected and untreated behavioural and emotional disorders.